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Disar Model Marieville Paddle Wheel Riverboat

Part No:
Price: 160.00

Approx: 157.33 / US$174.66 Tax Free

Disar Model Marieville Paddle Wheel Riverboat 1:72 Scale
Build this magnificent 1/72 scale replica of the paddle steamer named Marieville! The paddle steamer is a type of vessel that had paddle wheels usually located on either side of the ship or at the stern, a design that was widely extended for some time. In time, this type of vessel would give way to some of the most famous ships of all time, the river-wheeled steamboats, with which they traveled through the Mississippi and Missouri. This model kit includes: – a wooden model to assemble and paper assembly instructions.

Scale 1:72
Total Length 26.2" (66.5cm)
Height 10.4" (26.5cm)
Width 5.5" (14cm)

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