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Disar Model Frigate Hermione Lafayette 1779

Part No:
Price: 248.00

Approx: 243.87 / US$270.74 Tax Free

Disar Model Frigate Hermione Lafayette 1779 1:72 Scale
The Frigate Hermione is a 32-gun Concord-class French Navy frigate. Built in 1779, she was designed for speed. The ship is most well known for carrying the Marquis de Lafayette to the newly declared United States. There, he served as a Major General commanding American troops in the American Revolution under General George Washington.

Disar’s kit includes laser-cut framework and many laser-cut parts. Features a single-planked hull, and a full open gun deck with all guns fully represented. No dummy guns or gun ports on this model. You will add beams and plank the spar deck like a real ship. This gives the more adventurous modelers lots of room to add their own internal details, which we’re sure many will want to do. All cannon barrels are nicely turned brass, and accurately engineered to look like the real cannons.

Disar Model’s latest kit includes a full set of pre-sewn sails, a large, full-color reference poster, and an 84-page instruction guide full of photos, with multi-lingual text including English. Note that the light-color planking for the hull will require painting or staining. This is an Advanced Level wooden ship model kit and should be attempted only by those who have already built a few wooden ship model kits.

Scale 1:72
Total Length 36.6" (930mm)
Height 28.3" (720mm)
Width 12.6" (320mm)

Warning: Not suitable for children under 14 years. For use under adult supervision

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