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Covid-19 Information

We are an online retailer, our website online store is open but with some adjustments due to the Coronavirus outbreak. There are strictly no public retail sales available at our unit as we are not a shop

Safety First
Our main priority is to ensure that our employees and customers are healthy and safe.
We support and respect all the measures put in place by the government, we have tightened the measures in our office and warehouse to minimize the risk of any contamination.
These include allowing our office employees to work from their home, increasing the cycles of cleaning the premises, strictly respecting the rules of distance and restricting access by external visitors.

Manufacturers and suppliers
We are in constant touch with our supply chain and manufacturers, there may be delays re-stocking certain items that are sourced from the European Union, this is due to restrictions in place in their countries. However at the moment our stock levels are ok and the website displays out of stock items on a live basis

Our courier and postal services are all operating, certain delays may occur on overseas deliveries due to the restrictions that countries are putting on their borders. All of the delivery services are taking into account the safe personal distancing and the removal of the need to have a signature when delivering your order.

This is an unprecedented situation that affects us all. We will do our best to continue serving you, but should your delivery be delayed, we appreciate your understanding

We thank all of our customers for their continued support but above all, we wish you the very best in staying safe.

If you require any further details or information please don't hesitate to contact us

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