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CEM Mini Jet 20 with Reverse Function

Part No:

Price: 77.00

Approx: 75.72 / US$84.06 Tax Free

Mini Jet drive with reverse

With Jet propulsion, water is sucked in through openings in the fuselage and expelled at high pressure via a nozzle at the rear. The recoil principle accelerates the model to considerable speeds in a very short time.
A special feature is the high maneuverability for which a movable control nozzle is responsible. For the reverse drive, the water jet is deflected via a special flap, without having to reverse the direction of rotation of the shaft / motor.

In jet propulsion systems, neither the propeller nor the oars emerge from the hull - this makes it easy to drive on shallow water.

Our Mini-Jet 20 is suitable for small and medium model ships. The integrated 19 mm impeller is designed to be powered by a brushless motor. A servo is connected to the control nozzle and a second turns the reversing flap. The Mini Jet 20 would be made precisely from plastic. The stainless steel shaft is ball and sintered and sealed with a rubber ring.

Mini-Jet 20 mounted with control nozzle and reversing flap
Direct coupling 3 / 3.17 mm
mounting screws

Technical specifications
Total length approx. 128 mm
Width approx. 28 mm
Height about 36 mm
Flange diameter 32 mm
Impeller diameter 19 mm
Control nozzle diameter 14 mm
Shaft diameter 3 mm
Hole distance Motor mounting 19 mm

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