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CEM Jet Propulsion Unit 78

Part No:

Price: 154.00

Approx: 151.43 / US$168.11 Tax Free

The new CEM JET propulsion unit is ideal for internal combustion engines and powerful brushless motors, as thrust reversal is obtained by operating the reversing flap rather than by reversing the direction of rotation of the engine. The steering nozzle incorporates an integral cooling water nipple. Suitable power plants are internal combustion engines of 15 to 30 cc capacity, and electric motors rated at a minimum of 700 Watts output power.

The Jet drive is usually epoxied into the hull, with a rectangular hole cut 65mm wide by 155mm long right up to the transom bulkhead, a circular hole approx. 55m diameter is cut into the bulkhead, and the nozzle from the back of the drive goes through that. The main control, exit nozzle is then mounted over that and screws through the bulkhead to attach to the main jet unit.

Length approx. 285mm.Width approx. 78mm,
Height approx. 85mm, Impeller 49mm

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