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CAP Maquettes SNS 2000 Lifeboat inc Fittings & Dinghy Set

Part No:
New Maquettes

Price: 500.00 (Including VAT)
Euro: 585.00 (Inc VAT) US$533.34 (Tax Free)
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CAP Maquettes SNS 2000
Scale model of a French Lifeboat.
This is a complete kit incorporating the SNS2000, SNS2000 Fittings Set & the SNS2000 Pneumatic Dinghy Set

Scale 1:15
Length 870mm
Figures are not included but can be purchased separately

The Cap Maquettes SNS2000 includes

Hull, deck and cabin in wood, Main Rubber Hull Protector, Pre-formed PVC railings and gantries' PVC windows, Handrail in plastic ring, Dashboard Dial

2 propeller shafts, 2 rudders and 2 propellers Ø 50
Various accessories (14 nails, 6 supports buoys, 2 meters of survival cable and 8 supports of lights)
Molded parts: plunger platform, towing bait
Plastic parts: bilge boards, hull reinforcements
3 bags of 20 eyelets 1 mm
2 bags of 20 eyelets 3 mm
Installation instructions
16 photos for mounting the hull
16 photos for the cabin
Fittings Set Includes: 34 deck fittings for SNS 2000
Wheel Ø 40 mm, black compass Ø 12 mm, lifeboat in container, buoys crown Ø 50 mm, Lights for buoys, fenders, logos and flag, gaffs, two pulleys with double shackle, bitte with inclined barrels with Reinforcements, portholes, flagpole, lights, rotating beacons, searchlight, searchlight, brackets, loudspeaker, fog horn, aerial radar, GPS antenna, Polaris antenna, water cannon, deck

Pneumatic resin fittings and accessories includes:
. A pneumatic attachment ref A30 * 15
. An outboard motor ref. A32 * 15
. A fuel tank ref. A31 * 15
. A pair of paddles ref. R98
Scale 1/15
Length: 0.87 m

Support and Figures not included
Please Note: We can only recommend these kits for the experienced builder as the instructions are in French. An experienced builder should have no problems as the plans are fairly comprehensive and have individual items broken down into diagrams.

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