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Artesania Latina Mini Diamond Files 100mm

Part No:
Artesania Latina

Price: 8.10 (Including VAT)
Euro: 8.83 (Inc VAT) US$8.17 (Tax Free)

One of the necessary modeling tools available in the market: the mini diamond files set of 100 mm. It contains 3 files for modeling, these ones are essential for roughing down wood, metal and plastic parts of your models. These quality modeling files have these characteristics:

The modeler should buy modeling tools to, little by little, have a good briefcase that allows you to build perfectly all kind of models. For this reason, the mini files for modeling, which let you roughing down wood, plastic and metal, are essential for the models can be completely smooth, without any type of detriment that could damage the final result of the assembly of the ship, plane, train, car or bike.

In this way, Artesanía Latina has created, within its collection of quality modeling tools Hobby Tools, a set of 3 mini diamond files with flat, half cane and mouse tail shapes so that the lover of modeling can work up the most minimum detail with maximum precision, because, for example, the files have anti-slip handle.

If you want to get the best results, our modeling files are the best on the market and are designed exclusively for modeling.

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