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Artesania Latina Llaut Palma Nova

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Artesania Latina

Price: 53.60 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 59.50(Inc VAT) / USD: US$55.97(Tax Free)

Artesania Latina Llaut Palma Nova 1:25
Wooden model of the fishing boat from the Balearic Islands called Palma Nova. The modeling kit of this fishing boat, also called llaüt, includes all the parts you need to complete the 1/25 scale model: woods, threads, prefabricated metal parts, sewn sails ... And step-by-step instructions for its assembly easily.

Scale: 1:25
Length: 325mm
Height: 315mm


Discover the Palma Nova llaüt, a wooden model of this Balearic fishing boat. Llaüts were the traditional boats of the Balearic Islands from the 18th century until the mid-20th century.

It was dedicated to trawling, although the appearance of motorized boats and the concentration of bathers on the beaches led to its decline in professional employment. Therefore, today represents a work of craft reserved for fans and its presence in the Mallorcan fleet is almost testimonial.

The traditional llaüt is a small Latin sailboat, approximately four meters in length, which holds three masts and can reach seven knots of speed. Its consistency and stability in the water make it a perfect boat for all kinds of activities, such as recreational sailing or sport fishing, and resistant to adverse weather conditions.


Discover the fishing boat called Palma Nova, a wooden model reproduced with an exceptional fidelity. Guided by our detailed instructions, you can complete step-by-step your replica of this beautiful ship denominated llaüt from the Balearic Islands.

Build your 1:25 scale model of this fishing boat. This fabulous modeling kit is aimed at those who want to start in the world of miniatures. Its system of construction by false keel and ribs sets closer its design to the real ship.

The scale model kit contains high precision laser-cut board pieces, fine wood such as birch, hand-sewn sails, cotton threads, brass, cast and woven parts...

Once the model is finished... Length: 12.79'' (32,5 cms.) x Heigth: 12.40'' (31,5 cms).

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