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Artesania Latina Atlantis Fishing Trawler - Easy Build Kit

Part No:
Artesania Latina

Price: 54.54 (Including VAT)
Euro: 59.99 (Inc VAT) US$55.45 (Tax Free)
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Artesania Atlantis Fishing Vessel
The Atlantis is a great fishing trawler kit designed and manufactured to get a wonderful model. You don't need to be a pro to suceed and enjoy the building of this ship. The kit includes a DVD with clear step by step building instructions and tutorial videos.

Model made mainly in plywood board cut by laser. These prefabricated high-precision parts with a detailed step by step instructions in multimedia format makes installation a pleasure. Very basic tools is all you need to complete your model.

Length 54cm
Height 25cm
Width 17.5cm

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