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Airfix Battle of Waterloo 1815-2015 Gift Set 1:72

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Price: 43.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 48.83(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$46.78(Tax Free)
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It's June1815 and The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte has raised an army and intends to rule Europe. This ambition was finally thwarted on the Battlefield of Waterloo, in what is now Belgium, by an allied army led by the Duke of Wellington. Much of the battle was centered around a farmhouse, and this is the centerpiece of the superb set.

‘I am often asked whether we should not now, in these days of European unity, forget Waterloo and the battles of the past. My reply is, history cannot be forgotten and we need to be reminded of the bravery of the thousands of men from many nations who fought and died in a few hours on 18th June 1815 and why their gallantry and sacrifice ensured peace in Europe for 50 years’. - The 8th Duke of Wellington.

This kit includes:
•Diorama Base

•Highland Infantry
•British Cavalry Hussars
•British Infantry
•British Artillery
•French Imperial Guard
•French Cavalry
•French Artillery
•French Infantry
•22 x Acrylic Paints
•2 x Brushes
•1 x Poly Cement

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