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Star Trek USS Enterprise Tholian Web Edition 1:650 Scale

Part No:

Price: 36.98 (Including VAT)
Euro: 43.27 (Inc VAT) US$39.45 (Tax Free)

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The classic Star Trek TV show featured many memorable episodes. This release of the classic AMT Enterprise commemorates the fan favourite episode, "The Tholian Web". The episode featured the Enterprise's sister ship, the U.S.S. Defiant as a mysterious glowing ghost ship. This kit is injected in glow in the dark plastic and includes decals to allow the ship to be decorated as the Defiant or one of several other Constitution class star ships. Also included are NEW parts to create the twin Tholian Web Spinners which were shown entrapping the Enterprise in the episode.

Scale: 1/650
Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
Moulded in glow in the dark
Commemorating the classic TV episode "The Tholian Web"
NEW! Tholian Web Spinners included
Retro style packaging
Decals feature alternate ship markings
Includes cardboard Tholian Web backdrop

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