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Artesania Latina London Red Phone Box

Part No:
Artesania Latina
Price: 35.99 (Including VAT)

Approx: 34.79 / US$41.69 Tax Free

Artesania Latina London Red Phone Box
Wooden model 1:10 scale of this English icon, the London Telephone Box. This red telephone box modeling kit includes all the necessary parts for its construction, as well as a complete set of instructions. You will only have to contribute with your tools and desire to enjoy your hobby. Perfect icon to give to lovers of London culture.

Discover the wooden model of this London Telephone Box. As emblematic and known as Big Ben or its unique black cabs, the London Telephone Box is a symbol of Great Britain. Guided by our detailed step-by-step instructions you can complete your replica of this icon of English culture.

Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the red telephone box has become one of the most familiar views on the streets not only from UK but also from Malta, Bermuda or Gibraltar. In recent years and due to the drastic reduction in the use of public telephones, other uses have been given: Wi-Fi or ATMs, they have been used as kiosks and even as small public libraries.

Build your 1/10 scale model of this classic English Telephone Box. The modeling kit of the British telephone box consists of parts of wood and metal, and a set of parts of board precut by laser, as well as all the necessary accessories for the complete assembly of the model. For assembly, you can follow up our complete step-by-step guide in full color and be a great modeller.

It is ideal for beginners of modeling, you can build it with its simple assembly and spectacular result. Once finished, the model is 10.43'' (265 mm) high, and 3.85x3.85'' (98x98 mm) base. The door of the London Telephone Box is functional when its construction has been completed.

Scale 1:10
Height: 265mm
Width: 98mm

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